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One thing I love to do to crossdressers in my live femdom cams rooms is dish them out a healthy dose of humiliation on webcam. Nothing makes me feel more powerful or alive than having a guy in woman’s clothing crawling around on the floor or making him show me how well his blow job or slut training is coming along. I love to humiliate a sexy crossdresser on cam and make him feel as pathetic as I know he is.

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Crossdresser Cam
To me, a cd is not even a real man. They are the lowest of the low and not even worthy of my time. All they deserve from me is ritual degradation. They all know I am a superior female. A powerful woman to be respected and feared. They know that under normal circumstances I would not even bother to acknowledge them. How ever, I do need my amusement and since they are so desperate for my attention they will do ANY THING I say and they know their place is at my feet, I use it to my advantage by making them dance to my tune and obeying my every command.

I love when they come in to my private live female domination webcam area all dressed. Some come as a prissy sissy, some dress up ready to be a sissy maid humiliated and some come in mini skirt, fish net stockings and plastered in cheap make up like a cheap sissy slut. I always look at them with the disgust they deserve then make them get on their knees and beg me to abuse them and I would do the same to you. The fact you are reading this tells me you are no better than them and you will be treated with the same disdain I show them.

Sissy Humiliation OnLine
When you enter my domain you will know I rule the roost with an iron fist. I will have you perform tasks for me that will make your cheeks burn with embarrassment.
Perhaps ill make you parade up and down for me. Wiggling your ass and tottering around in your high heels. Have you put on your make up. Thick blusher, bright lip stick and mascara and practise your street walking. Maybe I’ll have you flash your sissy panties as well.

Or maybe I will have you get down on all fours and scrub the floor. Or maybe I’ll have you pour cream or custard on it then get down and clean it up. Or maybe I’ll have you scrub the toilet or lick it with your tongue. Perhaps I will have you show me how you curtsey. Over and over ill have you perform for me till I am satisfied you are at my impeccably high standards.

If you are a crossdressing slut for live humiliation then I’ll have you mince around and show me how you tout for business. Wiggling your ass and flashing your frilly sissies knickers for all the horny dockers to let them know my sissy slut is open for business. I’ll have you show me how you take cock in your mouth by giving a blow job to a dildo or fellatio to a banana. Ill have you swallow every inch of that rubber cock till I am satisfied you are sucking it correctly. I will also have you show me how you will swallow a huge cum load and take every drop of that hot, sticky mess down your throat like a good little slut. Or I will have you show me how good you can take a cock up your ass. Skirt round your waist and panties round your ankles with legs spread, I will bark at you to shove that rubber dick right up your slut hole. Fucking it in and out hard and fast till I can see how well you will make me money. Ill have you tell me how good it feels and what you will say to the guys when I am pimping you out as a cheap fuck.
What ever kind of transvestite whore you are, I have ways and means of humiliating and degrading you that will make your head spin. You are a nothing. You are not even worthy of the dirt on the sole of my boots but I will torment and humiliate you for as long as I want to. I can and will do things to you that will destroy what little piece of manhood you have left and leave you nothing but a sorry, broken mess on the floor.

Enter my online dominant females room now if you think you have what it takes or if the only time a superior female like me will ever even acknowledge your existence is when she is using or abusing you. Be dressed in your sissy clothing and be ready to serve me.